Do You Need a Professionally-Built Website, Membership Site, Online School or Ecommerce?

By now, you’ve surely realized that you need a “virtual home” of your own.

Social media is great for getting the news about your work out there. However, it limits you in many respects, as you’re subject to their complex algorithms… which change overnight without prior notice, leaving you with less traffic and fewer clients than yesterday.

Also, what is more valuable for you: 100,000 followers on the networks or 1,000 subscribers/customers on your own platform? The answer is pretty obvious.

However, you still have a problem to solve…

You’re stuck.

Most likely, you don’t have the slightest idea how to do it. The “techy stuff” either scares you or drives you nuts, or you just don’t have the time or knowledge to do it.

Do not worry. This is exactly why we created this web design service.

Forget about dealing with the complex stuff! We’ll pull our hair out for you so that your mind is relaxed to sell your products, services and serve your customers. Because in the end, that’s what you want, right?

Allow us to introduce our…

Web & Online Platform Design Service

This Service is Appropriate for You If:


You wish to have your own website, course platform, and/or online e-commerce that serves as your virtual operations center.


You are aware that setting up your own platform is not an expense but rather an investment in your business that will allow you greater flexibility and scaling possibilities than simply having social profiles.


You want complete control of your data and the option to host it wherever you want, instead of being tied up to the limitations of proprietary services.

Why I’m so sure that we can help you?

Angel Candelaria

In case you don't know me, I'm Ángel Candelaria, web & online platform designer. I hold a master's degree in Educational Computing at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus - where I learned to design online learning platforms.

I am also a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. When I'm not designing web pages, you can find me teaching guitar on my Angel's Guitar blog and online school for worship guitarists Cursos de Guitarra Pro - both designed by me.

In addition to my teaching experience, I have extensive training and practical experience in online marketing. I've worked with some of the best-known and respected online marketing professionals in Spain, such as Franck Scipion from Lifestyle al Cuadrado and Antonio G from Inteligencia Viajera.

Data Privacy Certified Partner

What Does This Service Include?

Fully Responsive Web Design

A positive experience on mobile devices is extremely important, as the majority of web traffic will come through these means.

Hosting Service Included

We'll host your website on our highly-optimized VPS servers, starting at $49/month. You can also opt out of hosting for an additional 1-time fee.

1 Email Account Under Your Domain

Configuration of 1 email included; additional emails carry an extra cost. Note: Client pays for email hosting - we recommend Google Workspace.


Essential Pages Creation

Homepage, About Me/Us, Services/Products page, and Contact Page included. You must provide the texts, images, and videos to add.


Contact Form Creation

Creation of one page with a contact form through which visitors can send a message directly to your email. Extra forms available at additional cost.

Link to Social Media Profiles

Creation of social icons with links to existing social profiles (profiles must already be created; we can't create them for you).


Basic Security Protection

Protection against brute force penetration attempts, so that it is more difficult for a hacker to enter your website.


Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We'll make your website more Google-friendly so that it has a better chance of appearing in search results when people look for your services.

Website Speed Optimization

We will tweak your website to make it load as fast as possible. Note: This doesn't apply if you choose to opt out of our optimized hosting plan.

Training on How to Use Your Web

Access to our exclusive client training portal (under construction), so you can get the most out of your website.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

As part of our hosting service, we'll monitor your website to make sure it is updated and in optimal condition.

Extra Options

Membership Site

With this option, you can restrict access to certain content only to those who pay for a membership (monthly, annual, quarterly, etc.)

Course Platform

With this option, you will be able to offer online courses. Access to them can be open (public) or closed (exclusive to those who pay).

Online Store

With this powerful e-commerce option, you can sell your physical, digital products and/or services directly from your website.

Google Analytics

This service is essential so that you can measure visits to your website and obtain useful statistics to develop growth strategies.

Email Marketing

With this option, you'll be able to send emails to a maximum of 25,000 subscribers, organizing them into several lists and/or segments.

Appointment Scheduling

With this option, your website visitors will be able to select by themselves the most convenient day and time to meet with you.


A section in which you can publish regular updates. Very useful for content marketing and news updates about your company or community.

Online Giveaways

With this option, you will be able to do giveaways among those who complete an action, such as subscribing or following a social profile.

Event Calendar

With this option, you can display upcoming activities and events on your website, syncing with Google Calendar and others.

Hosting Options

Standard VPS

  • RMaintenance for 1 Web
  • REmail support
  • RPlugin updates
  • RTheme updates
  • RAuto-updated Termageddon policies**
  • RDaily virus, malware & vulnerabilities scan
  • RDatabase optimization
  • RSecurity hardening against hackers
  • ROnline time monitoring
  • RMultiple external backups
  • RMonthly report
  • Q0 hours of web work
  • RShared VPS hosting***


Premium VPS

  • RMaintenance for 1 Web
  • REmail & Telegram support
  • RPlugin updates
  • RTheme updates
  • RAuto-updated Termageddon policies**
  • RDaily virus, malware & vulnerabilities scan
  • RDatabase optimization
  • RSecurity hardening against hackers
  • ROnline time monitoring
  • RMultiple external backups
  • RMonthly report
  • R1 hour of web work
  • RIndividual VPS hosting***


Premium VPS Plus

  • RMaintenance for 1 Web
  • REmail & Telegram support
  • RPlugin updates
  • RTheme updates
  • RAuto-updated Termageddon policies**
  • RDaily virus, malware & vulnerabilities scan
  • RDatabase optimization
  • RSecurity hardening against hackers
  • ROnline time monitoring
  • RMultiple external backups
  • RMonthly report
  • R3 hours of web work
  • RIndividual VPS hosting


**Termageddon is a company that offers essential legal documents for the web (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.) that are automatically updated according to current laws. The web maintenance service includes the subscription to Termageddon at no additional cost.

***All of our hosting & maintenance plans run on VPS, which is a type of hosting that is more powerful than standard, shared hosting. The difference is that on the Standard VPS plan your website will be hosted on a VPS with a few other websites, while on the Premium VPS your website will have its own VPS machine.

Check Out some of the Webs & Platforms We’ve Built

Please note that some of the websites mentioned below may have been edited by their respective clients after their initial release, and may not reflect the design work originally done by YA Knowmadas LLC.

Gam Yachad Congregation




IQ Tutorials PR


Table 1981


Congregacion Sefardita Mesianica Baruch Hashem


Boricua Spine Dr Karl Vega Lelkes



Angel's Guitar











Avva Insurance


How Much for a Professionally-Built Web?

You can get your professional website starting from just...


+ $49/month

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Each type of website already includes a Homepage, About Us page, 1 Services/Products Description Page, Contact Form Page, Social Media Links (for existing profiles), Basic SEO Optimization, Basic Security Hardening, and creation & configuration of 1 email using your domain (client pays for email hosting).

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Online Giveaways

Email Marketing

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Hosting Options

Each option includes VPS Hosting, Premium Security Hardening, and Transactional Emails.
Note: Hosting is a monthly recurring charge (except the opt-out charge). The first payment will be due 1 month after the design service is contracted.
Choose your hosting:

Standard VPS Hosting - ideal for regular websites.

Premium VPS Hosting + 1 monthly hour of web work* - ideal for online stores, membership and course websites.

Premium VPS Hosting + 3 monthly hours of web work - ideal for online stores, membership and course websites.

Opt-out of hosting (non-recurring charge)

*Monthly web work hours cover updates to the content of the website like adding or modifying text, images, videos, or publishing blog posts. All content and media must be provided by the client. 
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Total :/month


What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover), and PayPal.

Why is there an extra charge for opting out of hosting?

That's because our web design service is a little different than what most freelancers and agencies are offering.

Instead of offering a 1-time service and quoting it for thousands of dollars - which is what you'll usually pay for pro design work - we're offering a service with a lower upfront cost for design and combining it with an ongoing maintenance service, which helps us offset the cost of the design work.

This has several advantages for you as well:

  • Your initial cost is lower.
  • You can rest assured that your website will be always updated, secure, and optimized.
  • You won't need to contract a separate hosting account.
  • You won't need to worry about creating a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service for your website; they're included in the hosting plan.
  • You'll save time by outsourcing the content updates on your website (if you choose a plan that includes 1 or more hours of web work).
  • You get a free redesign or refresh of your website after being a customer of our hosting & maintenance plan for 3 years.

However, since we're unable to offset the real cost of our design work (and offer you all the extra benefits mentioned) if you opt-out of hosting & maintenance, we'll need to charge extra for the service offered.

What's a VPS? How is it better than regular shared hosting?

Most of the companies out there are offering what is known as shared hosting. In a shared hosting environment, your web shares CPU and Memory resources with hundreds of other websites, which gives a slower performance overall.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This is a type of hosting that's way more powerful and faster than shared hosting since all the CPU and Memory resources available are assigned to the website or websites hosted on that account.

All of our hosting & maintenance plans run on VPS. The difference is that on the Standard VPS plan your website will be hosted on a VPS with a few other websites, while on the Premium VPS your website will have its own VPS machine.

What platform do you use to build the websites?

All of our websites are built on WordPress, a Content Management System that powers more than 40% of the webs in the whole world.

Do I really have complete control of my data? What happens if I decide to no longer use your services?

Yes, your data and website are 100% yours. Neither do we claim any ownership over it and never will, nor do we withhold your data from you.

Your website is built using WordPress, which is an open source Content Management System. It's a very popular, well-known system in the entire world.

We do our best to make sure every client is satisfied with our service. However, if for some reason you decide to no longer use our services in the future, you can take your entire data and website installation backup to another hosting service. You don't even have to rebuild everything from the ground up; just restore all the website data from the backup and you'll be good to go in a short time.

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